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[Weverse Card Merch] CARD WALLET (TXT)

[Weverse Card Merch] CARD WALLET (TXT)

[Weverse Card Merch] CARD WALLET (TXT)_0

[Weverse Card Merch] CARD WALLET (TXT)

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[Weverse Card Merch] CARD WALLET (TXT) 0 detail[Weverse Card Merch] CARD WALLET (TXT) 1 detail

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商品名 Product name
[Weverse Card Merch] CARD WALLET (TXT)
サイズ Size (mm)
100 * 68 * 13mm フォトカード:86 * 54mm
主な商品素材 Product’s main material
Leather, Iron, Paper
製造元 Manufacturer
原産国 Country of manufacture

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