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[Notice] "STARSTRUCK" Global Paid Content Guide

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"STARSTRUCK" VOD will be available for pre-order from Mon. November 20, 2023 (KST)!

Check out the VOD details below.


* Pre-order Schedule (KST)

- Only available on the Weverse Shop GLOBAL website

1) Pre-order: Mon. November 20, 2023, 2:00 PM - Fri. December 1, 2023, 5:59:59 PM

2) Where to Pre-order: Go to the Weverse Shop GLOBAL website (https://weverseshop.io) on your mobile device or computer

※ After the pre-order period ends, the VOD will be available for purchase on both the Weverse app and the Weverse Shop GLOBAL website.

※ The final payment amount may differ by purchasing platform.

* Streaming Schedule (KST)

: Fri. December 1, 2023 - Sun. December 31, 2023

> Episodes: Fri. December 1, 2023 - Fri. December 29, 2023. Every Friday at 6:00 PM (approx. 45 mins per episode), 5 episodes

> Behind-the-scene clips: Sat. December 30, 2023 - Sun. December 31, 2023, 12:00 PM (approx. 5 mins per clip), 4 clips

> Behind-the-scene photos: Approx. 70 photos, 5 episodes

EP. 1 - 4: Sat. December 2, 2023 - Sat. December 23, 2023. Every Saturday at 6:00 PM

EP. 5: Sat. December 30, 2023, 1:00 PM

> Special video: A video of each member, 7 videos

※ The special video will be exclusively released to "STARSTRUCK" Weverse Shop pre-order customers.

※ A detailed streaming schedule will be announced separately in a future notice. We look forward to your interest.

※ Available Subtitles: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Indonesian, and Thai

* How to Purchase and Watch VOD

- You can make your purchase on the Weverse Shop GLOBAL website, and watch it on Weverse.

- To watch the purchased VOD on Weverse, you have to use the same Weverse Shop account you used to purchase the VOD.

* How to Watch

- STEP 1: Go to the Weverse app or website → NCT DREAM community → Media tab

- STEP 2: Select STARSTRUCK category → Select STARSTRUCK

- You can watch the content on your mobile devices, computers (https://weverse.io), and smart TV apps. (Smart TV apps are only available for platforms that offer Weverse TV App.)

- You can purchase "STARSTRUCK" VOD only on Weverse Shop GLOBAL.

* Please Note When Watching VOD Content

- Cancellation of purchase or refunds will not be available after seven days of your purchase, even if you have not watched your purchased content.

- If you have not watched your purchased content, you are eligible for a refund within seven days of your purchase.

- If you have watched your purchased content, cancellation of purchase will not be available.

- To ensure a smooth playback on your device, please play the preview before purchasing the content.

- Additional data charges may apply if you are on the mobile data network.

- Unauthorized or illegal distribution of content, piracy, and unauthorized processing of the content amount to infringement of copyright.

- Your purchase history cannot be recovered if you delete your Weverse or Weverse Shop account.

- Paid content can be played on only one smart TV device at one time, regardless of the manufacturer. Your paid content can be played on either a PC or a mobile device as well. However, you can play your paid content simultaneously on one Smart TV and either a PC or a mobile device.

- This product is a VOD. It can only be played on the device belonging to the customer who purchased the VOD.

- If the playback is not smooth, please try closing and restarting your app.

* Payment Information

- You can pay by debit and credit cards, or with PayPal, Eximbay, Payco, Toss, Kakao Pay, or Weverse Card.

- If you add Toss or Kakao Pay to payment methods, you can use the balance on your preferred payment option to pay, without having to use a credit card.

- If your default currency is set to USD or JPY, you can pay via PayPal or Eximbay using international credit cards or Alipay.

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