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Video Call Event for 2024 E'LAST PHOTOCARD SET ‘Together’ SET Pre-order Customers

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You’re cordially invited to the video call event for 2024 E'LAST PHOTOCARD SET 'Together' SET pre-order customers!!

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[Video Call Event]

- Date (KST): Fri. March 1, 2024, 8:00 PM

- Video Call Time: 1 minute 30 seconds per member, 9 minutes total

- Participating Members: Rano, Baek Gyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Won Jun, Ye Jun

[Raffle Eligibility]

- All customers who purchased at least one of [EVENT] 2024 E'LAST PHOTOCARD SET ‘Together’ (SMART ALBUM) SET on Weverse Shop GLOBAL during the event period and entered the raffle.

[Raffle Period (KST)]

- Wed. February 7, 2024, 12:00 PM (KST) - Tue. February 20, 11:59 PM

[Winner Announcement]

- The winners will be announced in a notice after Wed. February 28, 2024, 1:00 PM (KST). Customers can also check My Events page to check the result.

[Raffle Winners]

- Total 30 winners

※ The information of the raffle participant and the raffle winner must match (the information of the raffle participant cannot be changed after submission), and the raffle winning cannot be transferred to another person.

※ The raffle winners of this event can participate in the video call event.

[How to Enter the Raffle]

※ Your information for the raffle cannot be changed after your submission. Please make sure your information (ZOOM email ID, date of birth, contact information, etc.) is correct and free of error. We are not responsible for damages caused by incorrect information submitted by you.

You can enter the raffle on Weverse.

Buy the product on Weverse Shop and enter the raffle event on Weverse with the same ID you used to purchase the product. You need to provide the following personal information in order to enter the raffle.

- Name (The person who is entering the raffle)

- Date of birth (YYYY/MM/DD format)

- ZOOM e-mail ID

- Valid mobile phone number

You must manually enter the raffle on Weverse in order to participate in the raffle event.

The number of the products you ordered on Weverse Shop GLOBAL (not the number of orders you placed) during the event period will be counted automatically to let you enter the raffle the same number of times.

※ This event is subject to change and cancellation without prior notice.

※ Detailed directions for the event will be posted later in the raffle winner announcement.

[Questions and Answers]

Contact us at Customer Support

[Please Note (When entering the raffle)]

1. You must be logged in to Weverse with your Weverse Shop account which was used to purchase the product. If you do not have an account on Weverse, please sign up for Weverse and join E'LAST Weverse with the same account as your Weverse Shop account used to purchase the product.

2. You will be redirected to the raffle page when you tap Enter Raffle on the announcement posted on the artist's Weverse, in which you are logged in with the Weverse Shop account used to purchase the product.

3. The raffle is processed based on the time of raffle entry and the time of payment for the product.

4. You cannot win the same raffle multiple times.

5 . The winner announcement and the event process will use the information you submitted to the raffle.

6 . Those with nationalities other than South Korean can enter the raffle with the English names that appear on their valid photo ID. Please note that the name of the person who entered the raffle must match the name on the passport. (Names entered in Korean will not be accepted.)

7. When entering the raffle, Weverse and Weverse Shop GLOBAL will collect your personal information (name, date of birth, email, contact information, and ZOOM e-mail ID).

* Raffle winners will be required to provide additional personal information for the raffle and their participation in the event.

: Types of collected personal information: Email (Weverse ID), name (last and first name), mobile phone number, date of birth, and ZOOM e-mail ID

: Purpose of collecting personal information: For identity verification and event operation of the video call event for 2024 E'LAST PHOTOCARD SET ‘Together’ SET pre-order customers

: Personal information provided to: NATURALLY MUSIC C&C and E ENTERTAINMENT Ltd.

: Duration of keeping and using personal information: For those who enter the raffle, the information will be discarded within 6 months after the event winner announcement is posted. The raffle winners’ information will be discarded within 1 year after the event ends.

8. Canceling your order after the event winner announcement will result in exclusion from the raffle and you will not be able to participate in the event.

9. If you enter the raffle after purchasing the products, those products cannot be accepted for returns OR be canceled after the raffle has ended, even if you did not win.

10. Only the raffle winner is permitted to participate in the event.

11. The raffle winning cannot be used to admit someone else to the event, and it cannot be transferred or sold. If you are found selling or transferring the winning raffle, or committing any other fraud, you will be denied admission.

12. The raffle winners must bring a valid photo ID to enter the event venue on the day of the event. You will not be allowed to participate if you do not have a valid photo ID in person.

13. According to the WEVERSE COMPANY policies regarding the collection and use of personal information, the event is available for 14 years and older (must be born on or before March 1, 2010). Minors under the age (born on or after March 2, 2010) cannot participate in the event even when accompanied by a guardian.

[Please Note (If you won the raffle)]

1. The video call event will be held on ZOOM. A message will be sent to the raffle winner including the URL to access ZOOM before the video call. Please access the link before the event starts.

2. Before you can talk to the artist via video call, we will verify your identity. Please have your valid photo ID ready.

※ What is a valid photo ID?

- South Korean nationality: Passport, South Korean Resident Registration Card, driver’s license, South Korean Youth Card (issued by community service centers), mobile ID (issued by GOV.KR, Ministry of the Interior and Safety & Korean National Police Agency, or PASS App)

- Minors with South Korean nationality: South Korean Youth Card (issued by community service centers), student ID (with date of birth), or passport

- Non-South Korean nationality: Passport, Residence Card (certification of alien registration)

* Other IDs (e.g. certified copies of South Korean Resident Registration Cards, photocopies, ID cards without photos, and college or university student ID cards) are not allowed.

* Photos, printed copies, or mobile screenshots of your ID will not be accepted. You may be asked to run the mobile ID app at the venue.

* The information on the ID must be identical to the information entered for the raffle. The ID must include a name, date of birth, and a photo, and it must be presented physically to be accepted as a valid photo ID for identity verification. If the information on your photo ID does not match the information on the raffle entry, your participation will be denied.

* All IDs must be presented physically and must not be expired, to be considered valid.

* An ID of South Korean nationality must include a photo, date of birth (6 digits), and a name. It also must be issued by the head of a government office.

* If you have to verify yourself using a temporary ID such as an issuance application confirmation, the document must be stamped with the official seal of the head of a government office. It must include a photo, personal information, issuance number, and expiration date, all protected with a transparent sticker. Any document seeming dubious or to have been forged will not be accepted.

* For customers who entered the raffle with a name in a language other than English, and are therefore unable to verify their identity with a passport, they may be asked at the venue to present an ID that has a photo and the name in the language they entered the raffle with. Please come prepared and cooperate with the staff.

* When verifying your ID, we may conduct an additional verification process such as asking you questions, requesting other IDs, etc. to prevent the use of transferred or forged IDs.

3. If the video call connection fails two times, the next raffle winner will start their turn. We will try one more time after the next raffle winner finishes the call. If you do not or cannot answer the video call, it will be considered that you will not participate in the event and we will not try another video call.

4. For the protection of the artists, the staff will observe the event proceedings. If the staff considers that the video call is inappropriate and violates the nature of the event, the video call will be terminated without warning.

5. Please end the video call once the given time is over. If the raffle winner does not end the video call, it may be ended by the staff.

Thank you.

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